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How does this work?

We provide you with complete photo booth rental services.  You simply let us know when you would like to have the photo booth and for how long.  Once you have done that you secure that date with full payment or deposit.  We will handle everything else from there.  Set up, on site attendant and take down are all included.

What makes this different then another photo booth?

Unlike other types of photo booths, the mirror is an “open air” booth.  People do not get inside to use.  Therefore the first benefit is the ability to get more people in the photo.   Other benefit is the added options for your event.   You can point the mirror out into the room and allow people to see the mirror as people use it.   You can also point the mirror at a background and allow people to pose for any setting you like.  This is great for consistent themes and setting specific branding.   You can also point the mirror at a green screen and place guests in any environment you wish.  The possibilities for the mirror are endless

What does the mirror need to operate?

The mirror only needs the following:

  • 8 X 8 area (10 X 10 is best)
  • AC power outlet
  • WiFi
What if I want to rent it for a time that is not listed in your packages?

Just contact us anytime to talk about your needs.  We will work with you to make sure we meet your needs.

Do I have to pay for every printed photo?

No!    There are no fees added for the number of prints, emails or texts.   Just select your package and that’s it.

What if my event is outside?

That is absolutely okay!  That being said, there are some considerations when it come to the mirror.  As you can imagine, the experience is dependent on being able to see your reflection and still see the video image behind it.  In order to do this we must control the amount of sunlight that is around the mirror.   We have two options available to help with this situation.   One is a custom black tent that reduces the amount of sun light and protects the mirror from the elements.   This option is however not a barrier to wind.   Wind will be a factor to ensure safety of your guests and mirror.  We reserve the right to withdraw from outside events due to unsafe wind conditions.   The second option is our trailer.  We can set up the mirror inside a trailer that will allow guests the ability to completely get away from the elements and experience the mirror regardless of the conditions.  (additions fees apply. No food or drink is allowed inside the trailer.  Please contact us directly to discuss this option.)

What if the event is outside and there is no power?

We offer generator services.  Just contact us for details.

What about my custom border and pictures?

Once you have secured your date, you will be asked to supply us with any specifics about the event.  For example, color, style, and / or themes.   We will use this to design your photo border theme.  The border will be sent to you for approval.  There is no extra fee for this service.   If you happen to have a border, or want to design your own, just let us know so we can get you the needed specs.

Do you offer custom options?

Yes! Just let us know and well will do all we can do.

What happens to the photos after the event?

All photos that are taken at the event, are stored on the Maine Magic Mirror computer.   At the end of the event, a link is supplied to the person who rented the mirror.   This link will give that person access to all photos that were save by the mirror.   They are owned by the person who rented the event.  After three months, the photos are removed from the server and the link is no longer active. If you rent the mirror, be sure to download all the photos within that timeframe.

Can I decorate the area around the mirror?

Yes!  As long as nothing touches the mirror and (there is no water around it…  ie plants or flower pots) you can do anything you would like.

What if the date I want is taken?

If the date you want is taken, we can place your name on our cancellation list.  We can also work to find you another mirror.  We will do this for you for free.  We know peeps!  🙂

What if I am a business and want the mirror for more than six hours?

Businesses are wise to see the benefits of the Magic Mirror.   Maybe you are thinking about a trade show, special events or other times when you are either expecting high traffic or wanting to gain more traffic.  If the mirror is scheduled to be at a location for more than two days, the hard part of transportation, set up and customizations is reduced.  Please contact us to get corporate pricing for business today.

How do your gift cards work?

If you have decided you would like to purchase our services for friends or loved ones; you can choose to purchase a gift card.   The amount you purchase it reflective of our package pricing and smaller increments.  Once purchased, you will receive an email with a code.   Simply give that code to your recipient.  They then use it in our online booking system to place their order.  Of coarse you can simple use our booking system as well.   The only thing to consider is that you become the customer and will be contacted to coordinate the information and receive the photos at the conclusion of the event.

How many Magic Mirrors do you have and do you offer other services?

We have one Magic Mirror in operation.   As we move forward in the coming months; we are evaluating the need for additional products and services.

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Memories are made here

One of the reasons we fell in love with the Magic Mirror, is its unique ability to capture memories in multiple ways. This not just with a high quality photograph but an experience that is fun, unique and instantly shareable.
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