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December 6, 2018by bangormedia0

The Magic Mirror was originally purchased and owned by Bangor Buzz.   Bangor Buzz is the largest online events calendar in the Bangor region.

You every hear the expression, “A day late and a dollar short?”  Well, that’s how many of us feel when we see a new picture posted or a great review about an event that we didn’t even know existed.  Bangor has so many new and exciting things going on, but who has the time to search every site and every keyword?

“When was that?”, “Where was that?” and “How did you find out about that?” were common questions heard all over Bangor. We were all missing out on so many opportunities right under our noses.  We heard everyone saying that Bangor needed a place that listed ALL the events, so here it is!

This premiere site was created for everyone to access events and activities in ONE place.  Events are added continuously by us, but you help too.  You can submit your own events for free anytime on the site.

As the site grew Bangor Buzz started to attend the events being promoted on the site.  In an effort to further promote the events and ensure people are always having fun, Bangor Buzz bought the Magic Mirror to take to some featured events.   Needless to say it was a hit.   The Magic Mirror was being asked to attend all kinds of events both public and private.  The demand has become so large that the decision was made to dedicate its own website and business plan.   Hence the creation of The Maine Magic Mirror.

It is still owned by Bangor Buzz, but will be available for events that are all over Maine.   While it may be easy to see how popular it would be for weddings, birthdays and other private events; businesses can benefit in ways as well.  Be sure to visit our Business page to find out why the mirror can be valuable for your next event

Bangor Buzz is owned and operated by Bangor Media, LLC.  Please contact Bangormediaonline.com for further information regarding advertising/promoting your event.  Other services offered are web design, site management, social media marketing and much more.  Contact Bangor Media for a free consultation.


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One of the reasons we fell in love with the Magic Mirror, is its unique ability to capture memories in multiple ways. This not just with a high quality photograph but an experience that is fun, unique and instantly shareable.
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