Great MarketingHow can the mirror help your business?

Business Branding at a whole new level

We already know The Magic Mirror Photo Booth takes photo booth fun to a whole new level.  However, did you know that it can be used as a great marketing tool for your business branding?  If you have been looking into our services and product, you have learned how engaging and interactive the Magic Mirror is.  This photo booth rental is an experience people want to try at least once.

So think of this, as people interact with the mirror, they are being asked questions and given opportunities to promote your brand.   Every picture printed or shared has your logo, business name or product on it.   It can even have contact information and more.   These picture borders are custom made for each customer and event.  The mirror also collects the data that is being entered into it.  No matter if it is in text mode or email mode, those contacts are collect for businesses to use for newsletters, follow up emails from the event and more.  Each and every photo being text or email is sent with a custom message to thank and further engage your customers.

For businesses utilizing the Magic Mirror, they receive the following:

Marketing, brand awareness
Custom border and animations
Custom text or email messaging
free games and event interaction
All photos at the end of the event
All phone, email or contact information from users
And so much more…
Contact us today for business and corporate pricing!  We also offer custom business pricing for planned events that may take place over multiple days.   info@mainemagicmirror.com

Maine Magic Mirror Photo booth event photo. Alzheimers Walk 10-20-2018
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Memories are made here

One of the reasons we fell in love with the Magic Mirror, is its unique ability to capture memories in multiple ways. This not just with a high quality photograph but an experience that is fun, unique and instantly shareable.
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